Speak of What I’ve Done

One evening I was preparing to preach at our Spanish congregation. I had written my sermon in Spanish and clicked the “print” button. But nothing happened. I then unplugged the printer, cleared the print dialogue box, but still nothing happened. I prayed over the printer. After praying suddenly the printer began printing on its own.

It printed in English, not Spanish. It did not print anything that was in my computer. God had intervened and connected the printer to heaven to deliver a message to all of us. It was a prophetic miracle. The printer printed the following five words: “Speak of what I’ve done”.

This book is written in response to those five words. The greatest thing that Jesus has done for you was to die on the Cross. All the riches of heaven are now available to you because of His death. This book will be a great blessing to you, in understanding the wonderful work of the Cross.

The book has 134 pages, in PDF form and is free.