I Am The Lord Your Healer

The author has numerous years of experience in the healing ministry. He has witnessed some amazing miracles, while also experiencing the troughs of ministry. This book is birthed out of life experience as a missionary and pastor.

He personally was healed of deafness, long term migraines, and a serious undiagnosed illness thought to be a brain tumor.

This book will be of real practical help to any who are sick. It will build your faith. The Biblical principles of healing are accompanied by numerous testimonies of healings.  If you want to minister to the sick or demonized you will find the teaching invaluable.

These simple teachings will help you to understand how to walk by faith in sickness, principles of ministering to the sick, intercession for the sick, the healing of emotional wounds, deliverance from demons, and how to appropriate the promises of God.

The book has 79 pages, in PDF form and available for free.